Our Mission

Our mission is the managerial revolution in organisations all over the world.

We are making a better world through improving the quality of enterprise management and achieving balanced and sustainable development.

We provide the systematic training of managers and specialists for managing enterprises and personal development in a modern dynamic world.

Our training program activates your career progression and enhances the systemic nature of your thinking.

Our program helps companies to get employees who can work creatively with the present and the future, who set ambitious objectives, determine ways to achieve them, plan and efficiently use the necessary resources.

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The most effective form of knowledge transfer

You will receive the quintessence of knowledge necessary for your development and forge ahead.

You will receive both theoretical and practical knowledge.

You read lessons, watch videos, learn examples, complete assignments, create documents and forward them to us.

In our feedback, you get reviews and recommendations for improving your strategic management practice..

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Rytsev's Periodic Table of Strategic Elements

Personal User Profiles

The user profile is designed to streamline your training and monitor your progress.

Your profile contains following sections:

  • My Profile (photo, full name, signature, comments, courses you learn at the moment and progress in lessons of every course)
  • My Links (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube Vimeo)
  • My Settings (email address, field to change and confirm new password and current password field)
  • My Orders (information about your orders)
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Our trainings are carefully and logically structured

All our courses are divided by lessons.

Each lesson is a structured piece of information which a student is intended to learn. It may involve one or more tasks which are supposed to be made by a student.

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About Strategium.Space Experts

deem dmitri rytsev

Dmitri Rytsev

+ CEO of management consulting company Perfect Industries

+ Strategy blogger and author of Dynamic Strategy blog

+ Developer of  Periodic Strategy System

+ Author of Scientific Articles in the Strategic Management field

+ Rytsev Business Model framework developer

+ Researcher and Practitioner of Business management systems

+ Master of Business Administration, California State University


Why Choose Us

  • Intellectual leadership in the field of the process-based strategic management
  • The tangible result of the training
  • We make complicated things simple to perceive
  • Comfortable study and improvement
  • We monitor the progress of our students
  • We control the results through assignments and questionnaires
  • Audio, video and text lessons
  • Advanced user profiles

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