How we approach your training


We use state-of-the-art learning formats to ensure that you get the superior knowledge you need to develop and move forward. Our course lessons use text, graphics and video.

Throughout the various topics, you will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is needed to develop on your own while practice reinforces specific competencies and skills.

Asynchronous learning makes optimum time management for students and teachers.

A typical learning experience is as follows:

  • you read the lessons,
  • watch the attached videos,
  • master the templates and study the examples,
  • do assignments, in which you create the required documents or other lessons’ results,
  • then if you have a feedback option from the course author (homework check), send them back to us.

We will give you feedback, situation analysis and recommendations for improving strategic management. If your learning plan does not include the homework check, you can ask any questions about lesson content and methodology. We answer these questions regardless of your subscription plan.

What topics can you learn?

Our courses cover all topics related to effective goal fulfilment:

  • Theory and practice of business strategies
  • Developing an organisation’s strategy
  • Development of personal strategy
  • Strategic management system and its implementation in companies
  • Implementation of company strategy
  • Modern planning methods
  • Business Modelling Systems and others

Strategy management audit

What is the knowledge structure?

To facilitate the learning process, we cover the various aspects of strategic management separately. The lessons cover the following topics in detail: strategic analysis, business modelling, strategy development at different levels (corporate, business and functional strategies), project management.

Examples of process documentation, plans, regulations and reports are shown and much more.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionise organisational management. We improve the world by better managing social systems and achieving balanced and sustainable development.

Our mission is to systematically train managers and professionals to manage organisations and personal development in a dynamic world. For everyone, our training programme means the prospect of working in management positions and effectively managing the development of their professional career.

For business, our training programme is about employees being able to work creatively with the present and the future, develop ambitious goals, identify ways to achieve them, plan and use the necessary resources effectively.

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