Rytsev’s Business Model PowerPoint Template

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A PowerPoint business model template is built using the Rytsev Business Model methodology. Using this template, you can visualise the following business models:

  1. The business model of the company.
  2. The business model of the project within the company.
  3. Startup business model.
  4. Personal business model.

This template does not contain instructions on the methodology and logic of business modelling, which you can learn from our express modelling online course. But you should have no difficulty, because The model and its elements are intuitive, especially if you already have some experience in business modelling.

If you or your team need detailed instructions, I recommend paying attention to our online course on business modelling. This course will significantly enhance the speed of business modelling and the quality of your business model.

The difference of this approach to business modelling is that the model contains a closed development cycle, several types of logical connections between the objects of the business model. But it’s better to see once to understand that this visualisation method is much more vibrant, more meaningful and more useful for developing and implementing your strategy than the well-known Osterwalder&Pigneur business model.

бизнес модель Рыцев



Rytsev’s Business Model Template is a presentation slide in PowerPoint format (pptx). Using this template, you can build an advanced business model for your company, a startup, or even a personal business model.

By sequentially filling out a template with your data and determining the necessary components of the model, you will get a clear graphic representation of the interaction of your company (or another entity) with the external environment, as well as how to convert resources into value for customers.


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