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Our program is designed to help strategy professionals (strategy experts, specialists and managers) improve their impact and intellectual leadership as strategists.

We equip you with the innovative methodology, techniques and skills to develop the core of business advantage – the strategic management system of the organisation and high-grade strategies.

SCRUM Framework for your Strategy

A better way of building the future. We adapted SCRUM into our framework within which strategists can more efficiently address complex problems, while productively delivering high-grade strategies for the highest long-term value.

SCRUM is a framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. Strategies obviously are complex products.

Strategic Management Systems Audit

Strategy management experts, strategy specialists and managers, including VPs, are those who ignite innovations.

Our courses are for those who want to build capabilities to innovate, who want to help organisations become agile, transforming them into a vehicle of change. It enables you to understand how to leverage internal processes for long-term competitiveness.

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Dmitri Rytsev

Dmitri Rytsev

+ CEO of management consulting company Perfect Industries

+ Strategy blogger and author of Dynamic Strategy blog

+ Developer of  Periodic Strategy System

+ Author of Scientific Articles in the Strategic Management field

+ Dynamic Business Model framework developer

+ Reseacher and Practitioner of Business management systems

+ Master of Business Administration, California State University

Our products and services reviews

I have been engaged in strategic planning since 2009 and find this topic very interesting and exciting. In March 2018, I took the online course “Audit of the strategic planning system” on Strategium.Space. Based on the methodology, I conducted an audit of my organisation. The results of the SM audit prompted the creation of a unified procedure for the SM’s processes at the enterprise, as well as for communications through all possible channels. Thanks to the Strategium.Space and its author Dmitri Rytsev for a significant contribution to the development of strategic planning. Dmitri has a scientific approach to solving the strategic management problems.

Lazzat Irgalieva, The Head of Strategy (Kazakhstan)
strategium space review

I immediately came to the idea of using a similar “visualistic” approach to my management consulting job.

Evgeni Trufanov, Entrepreneur (Russia)
strategium space review smolova

The periodic strategy table is very contributory. I would add technology to the resources section. It is unique technologies that are the primary factor of competitiveness, and the strategy should take into account their continuous improvement.

Elena Smolova, Business Development Manager (Ukraine)
strategium space reviews

An excellent understanding of strategy (and no matter what, the enterprise or another thing). It is impressive – that there are people and even a company – understanding the very essence. Unfortunately, it is not yet visible in everyday life.

Vladimir Bogdanov, Manager (Russia)

There is high demand for this service within public sector mainly due to lack of knowledge and skills.

Sibusiso Mpungose, Chief Executive Officer (South Africa)