I have been engaged in strategic planning since 2009 and find this topic very interesting and exciting. In March 2018, I took the online course “Audit of the strategic planning system” on Strategium.Space. Based on the methodology, I conducted an audit of my organisation. The SM audit results prompted the creation of a unified procedure for the SM’s processes at the enterprise, as well as for communications through all possible channels. Thanks to the Strategium.Space and its author Dmitri Rytsev for a significant contribution to the development of strategic planning. Dmitri has a scientific approach to solving strategic management problems.

Lazzat Irgalieva, The Head of Strategy (Kazakhstan)

I think the design quality of these slides is very good and that helps to convey your product more clearly than the landing page alone. Overall, I think this starts to look like a very compelling programme.

Chris Fox, Independent Strategy and Management Consultant (Great Britain)

There is high demand for this service within public sector mainly due to lack of knowledge and skills.

Sibusiso Mpungose, Chief Executive Officer (South Africa)
strategium space review smolova

The periodic strategy table is very contributory. I would add technology to the resources section. It is unique technologies that are the primary factor of competitiveness. The strategy should take into account their continuous improvement.

Elena Smolova, Business Development Manager (Ukraine)
strategium space reviews

The strategy periodic table is very visually appealing, thank you! It is good to add process indicators in the monitoring and control section of the table (those that are determined when building business process models).

Elena Deeva, Project Economist, Nuclear Fuel Plant (Russia)
strategium space review

I immediately came to the idea of using a similar “visualistic” approach to my management consulting job.

Evgeni Trufanov, Entrepreneur (Russia)
strategium space reviews

An excellent understanding of strategy (and no matter what, the enterprise or another thing). It is impressive – that there are people and even a company – understanding the very essence. Unfortunately, it is not yet visible in everyday life.

Vladimir Bogdanov, Manager (Russia)
Azat Talipov strategium space reviews

Thanks a lot. The findings are very close to the reality. We urgently need improvements to our management system and initiating the process right now. Hope for your assistance.

Azat Talipov, Renova Group (Kyrgyzstan)
strategium space reviews

Thanks for the report. Yes, you made an accurate diagnostics of the current situation. The problems you mentioned have an explanation. Our company operates in the non-competitive market for 40 years, and our services are still critical for our clients.

Vladislav Leschinski, Co-founder (Russian Federation)